Concierge Medicine at Signature Medicine

Personalized luxury healthcare provided by top Dallas physicians

The experience of visiting a doctor has changed greatly over the years. At Signature Medicine, we are restoring the art of medicine to its former glory by reconnecting with our patients on a personal level. We specialize in concierge medicine, which allows our physicians the time to get to know you on an individual basis and cater to your healthcare issues and concerns without the hassle of long wait times and limited appointments. Using an innovative approach to medicine and the latest advances in technology, we hope to bring back medicine as it should be and plan for a brighter future in healthcare.

What exactly is concierge medicine?

Also known as retainer medicine or boutique medicine, concierge medicine is a relationship between you and your primary care physician where you pay an annual membership fee for enhanced, personalized medical care. Since concierge care physicians like those at Signature Medicine usually carry smaller patient loads than traditional medical facilities, we are available to spend more time getting to know you and your family. You are provided personal contact number and email of your physician and nurse, and our staff will personally confirm or cancel any appointments. We guarantee safe, quality, and compassionate healthcare that directly meet your needs.

Medical concierge services

As a concierge medical practice, Signature Medicine is proud to offer 24/7 physician availability via telephone or email, same day or next day appointments, personalized health reminders, and a variety of other superior services that far surpass anything you will find at a traditional medical facility. Not only can you schedule a comprehensive exam with an excellent concierge doctor, but we also provide in-suite lab draws with no wait, fitness and nutrition advice from a licensed and registered dietitian, genetic testing, and personal body composition analysis. We provide complimentary valet parking at our Signature Medicine Baylor University Medical Center, and enjoy sending out practice newsletters to keep you informed of the latest news.

Four convenient locations

At Signature Medicine, we are dedicated to making healthcare as easy as possible. We have established four convenient locations in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. All of our locations offer full concierge medical services Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

Signature Medicine Baylor University Medical Center

3417 Gaston Avenue, Suite 600, Dallas, TX 75246  

Phone: (469) 800-9900 

Signature Medicine Park Cities

9101 N. Central Expressway, Suite 440, Dallas, TX 75231

Phone: (214) 820-9101

Signature Medicine Tom Landry

411 N. Washington Avenue, Suite 3000, Dallas, TX 75246

Phone: (214) 453-1156

Signature Medicine Fort Worth

900 W. Magnolia Avenue, Suite 202, Fort Worth, TX 76104

Phone: (817) 333-6795

To find out more about our concierge medical services, call one of our convenient locations today!